Bird Control under Bridges
We offer bird protection for bridge abutments and pillar heads.

The protecting of bridges from bird droppings is not an easy task. It requires a lot of know-how and technical knowledge. Not only the installation of the various control systems, but also the cleaning and disinfecting place high demands on the employees.

Why bridges are badly affected?

The undersides of bridges offer pigeons excellent nesting and breeding.  They are wind-protected and the birds are not disturbed here.

The acid in bird droppings badly damages concrete. The reinforcing, which is only a few centimetres below the surface, can rapidly become exposed and corrode. Bird control should be taken into consideration when planning long-term maintenance.

Cleaning and disinfecting

Bridges can be heavily contaminated by many years of bird droppings.

The cleaning of structures places high demands on the technology and the employees.  These demands are met by using high quality industrial vacuum systems (Category H, asbestos category), extensive employee protection complying with OSHA class BGI 892 and working times appropriate to the work (frequent breaks). Besides cleaning pigeon droppings we also disinfect against the pathogens, insects and parasites spread by pigeons.

Pigeon droppings and pigeon droppings mixed with other waste is to be disposed of as hazardous waste.

Droppings on bridges

Construction and planning

A detailed plan is necessary for polycarbonate plates, GRP/stainless steel grating and expanded metal. We would be pleased to prepare the detailed plans, including specifications, construction drawings and parts lists. If scaffolding is needed for high buildings, we cooperate with a specialist firm of consultants.

Here are some examples of our work


The installation of the various bird control variations demands a high degree of specialist knowledge and flexibility. We provide various installation technologies:

  • Installation with scaffolding and handling equipment:
    Handling equipment is the most frequently used, bridge bottom view equipment or bridge suspended scaffolding can also be used. Floating pontoons are used for bridges over water.

  • Installation using industrial climbing technology:
    The structural components to the protected are often difficult to reach. With FISAT-standard climbing technology we avoid the use of expensive bridge bottom view equipment or other expensive cordoning measures.

Bridge with GRP


The protection can be damaged by vandals or the effects of weather. We provide annual maintenance to prevent resoiling by hatching pigeons.

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Bird Control for Cities
Especially cities and communities are effected by large flocks of pigeons. The concept of reducing food has proven very effective over the long run. We offer new concepts of sustainable bird control!

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