Disinfection and control of parasites
Disinfection is the sterilisation with chemical and thermal agents in order to prevent the colonisation of unwanted, sometimes pathogenic, microorganisms, germs and parasites. Disinfection is only allowed to be carried out by approved specialists.

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Due to the risks involved we also provide, pigeon control measures.  Disinfection against bacteria, fungi and parasites.  
  • Determination of infestation
  • If required, pest identification.
  • Pest control also eliminates chlamydia, E. coli, Salmonellae, listeria, and etc.

With professional disinfection a germ reduction of 99.99% is achieved.

Pigeon-ticks and fleas activity

TONI specializes in all birds ticks and especially Pigeons ticks extermination.  Our knowledgeable disposer units can advise you with your individual needs.

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