Bird Free Gel

Bird Free Gel irritates birds on all fronts: to the avian eye, it looks like fire. To the nose, it acts as an irritant. And if they press on pass these deterrents, to the touch, birds fear it will stick to and irritate their skin and feathers. Despite appearances, however, Bird Free Gel is composed of nothing but the right combination of essential oils and harmless synthetic rubber.

Important characteristics of Bird-Free Gel

  • Bird Free Gel reflects UV light, seen by birds, in such a way that it looks like fire.
  • Being oil-based, the gel is relatively insensitive to rain, snow, wind and extremes of temperature. Vegetable oils form a film that makes the gel waterproof and protects it from evaporation. Even under adverse conditions, the gel can remain effective for up to 2 years after proper installation.
  • Bird Free Gel is installed quickly, easily, and unobtrusively in most any location - it retains its effectiveness even behind railings or other features, and doesn't alter the aesthetic of the structure.
  • The persistence of Bird-Free Gel means that birds leave their habitat, even if they have inhabited it for years.
  • Installation examples of past 5 years: ports, airports, oil refineries, military installations, offshore platforms, railway stations, bridges, historic buildings, etc.
  • Installations in Germany: TV tower in Berlin, Berlin shopping center, a large office building in Hamburg

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